Is your property working for you?

Fisher Bray Real Estate Group, Inc. is a full service real estate company that specializes in property management and brokerage of industrial, commercial, office and residential properties.

Our company was designed and created to help put the absentee back into ownership. Let Fisher Bray keep your property operating at its highest performance while keeping you free of any burden or hassle of owning real estate.

Our services include:

We Specialize in property management 1. Tenant screening and rent collection
Day-to-Day Operations: This overall supervision of your property allows us to demand the highest quality results from vendors and contractors. We justify each expense with a (three bid process) for repairs, maintenance or build out construction.

2. Property Insurance: We work with several insurance companies to obtain and offer insurance policies to protect both the property and the property owner. We bid annually on all types of Insurance policies, insurance is extremely important we make sure both property owners and properties are covered for all risks.

3. Property Taxes: We challenge property taxes every year to keep real estate taxes as low and as fair as possible. With property values being questioned each year our company works with several tax reduction specialists to make sure your tax bill is as low as possible.

4. Construction Management: Owners will never have to worry about overseeing contractors on any type of construction build-out. We manage and oversee all work being done by tenant or contractor to remain abreast of all building codes that are expected.

5. Sales Tax Paid Online: All sales tax is paid online through the State of Florida's Department of Revenue website and can be validated by our clients.

6. For our Clients: We offer sale and/or lease negotiations for new tenants or buyers. We are up front, respected, fair and to the point with our negotiation skills.

7. Accounting and Financial Services: Accounting is done on a monthly and yearly basis. We use multiple applications for this process which helps us with budgeting and reporting back to owners. All reports are completely transparent and are sent to each property owner every month along with bank statements showing all transactions.